Twitter (TWTR) confirmed that U.S. President Donald Trump will be treated under the same rules like any other user after January 20, when he will leave the president office.

Twitter (TWTR) marked warnings on some tweets from the world prominent leaders and celebrities. Such tweets from political and non-political celebrities otherwise would be removed. Twitter took this action to stop the spreading of false and misleading information.

The social media company said that the flagging of misleading tweets and comments only applied to current world leaders and officeholders, not to the former officeholders.

Recently twitter had to add multiple warnings and labels to president Trump tweets during the presidential elections that were mostly allegations of voting fraud. In May Twitter hid president trump first tweet behind a public interest label when he violated the Twitter policy by against glorifying violence.

Trump’s posts would also no longer be exempted from review by Facebook’s third-party fact-checking partners after Biden takes office in January.

Facebook did not say anything, particularly how it would treat Trump’s account after January 20, 2021.