Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives, Inc. (IEA) this month announced securing of a $17 million construction contract from the California Department of Transportation (“Caltrans”).

IEA is a leading infrastructure construction company which focuses and has expertise in renewable energy and specialty civil projects. The current new contract was secured by its subsidiary American Civil Constructors (ACC) which is a provider of heavy as well as light civil infrastructure services to clients including state and federal departments and commercial organization across the country.

The newly secured contract is a heavy-civil project for the rehabilitation of the Sacramento River Bridge which crosses the border of Sacramento and Yolo counties. Majority of the project work will be done by ACC itself including construction of joints, seals and drainage systems of the bridge; replacement of portions of the bridge’s overlay with polyester concrete; and demolition and construction of a new barrier on both sides of the bridge. ACC is likely to be starting the project work next month with an expectation of completing the assignment in September 2021.

Sacramento and West Sacramento remained researching for more than two decades finding ways to reduce heavy traffic flows on the roads and bridges of their cities. Along with moving ahead in their quest, both cities continue promoting economic activities and access to jobs and the Sacramento River Bridge is likely to be playing significant role towards those economic goals by improving mobility in the region.

Brian Hummer, Executive Vice President at IEA showed excitement helping Caltrans in their efforts of improving transportation infrastructure in Sacramento. Some of the most advanced bridges in our country have been constructed by ACC and upgrading of Sacramento River Bridge is similar to works those completed by ACC previously. IEA look forward to provide its expertise in heavy-civil construction to this modern transportation project, Hummer added.