from 80s. The company last week re-launched HeroQuest which was originally developed in 1989.    

The game will be marketed under Hasbro’s subsidiary Avalon Hill which is also a leading brand in strategy and tabletop games. The updated version of the game will be re-launched through company’s crowdfunding platform HasLab. The updated version will feature exclusive quest books, premium miniature figures and new art that will provide the customers with enhanced gameplay experience as well as better collectability.

The company featured a panel exclusively for HeroQuest on Friday, September 25 at Hasbro PulseCon to provide more details about the game. The panel featured members of the design team and Avalon Hill Brand. The panel also featured two special guests including Steve Baker, lead designer of the original HeroQuest; and Joe Manganiello, an actor, director, producer, writer and most of all a HeroQuest fan.

Hasbro shared more detailed information on the available products with the fans during the event, along with some exciting surprises as well as unveiled the relaunch on Hasbro Pulse.

The nostalgia around the HeroQuest is powerful and a gameplay experience is back in style, which make it the perfect timing to relaunch this great game, said Jeff Anderson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Hasbro Gaming. HasLab formulates a perfect opportunity to deliver something directly to the fans. It also bring the community in as an integral part of the relaunch.

The game will feature two tiers namely Heroic Tier and Mythic Tier available through HasLab. Featuring 71 detailed characters and furniture miniatures, Heroic Tier will be available at a price of $99.99. During the HasLab campaign, the Tier will also include 4 bonus hero miniatures and an exclusive Sir Ragnar miniature.

The Mythic Tier priced at $149.99 will bring everything related to HeroQuest. It wil include core game system with additional two expansion packs Kellar’s Keep and Return of the WitchLord. Two exclusive figures including The WitchLord and Mentor will also be included in the Mythic Tier. The Tier will also be entitled to receive additional components and exclusive offerings through different unlocks.